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Healing Crystals and Gemstones
Tumbled Stones | Rough | Grids

Every person is unique and different. Therefore, everyone will respond differently to the individual energies of crystals and tumbled stones.

Getting to know each and every one of your healing gemstones is very important! We find that it is more beneficial to connect with your healing crystals and their meanings on a personal, individual level, instead of just going by what you have read about the healing properties.

Trust your intuition; your body knows what energy it requires 

Tumbled Stones

are gently polished, The Holistic Shop Tumbled Stones are superior quality and feature super-smooth surfaces, vibrant colours with powerful inner calming effects. At The Holistic Shop we have wonderful selection of all natural, tumbled stones!

Each tumbled stone has its own unique energetic and metaphysical properties. You will find that when are attracted to certain tumbled gemstones, they will contain the physical and emotional support that your body requires at that time. As life changes, the stones that you are attracted to will also evolve in dynamic ways.

Each Tumbled Stone is supplied with an Organza Pouch and Healing Information Card.

Crystal Grids are an incredibly powerful and beautiful way to manifest your dreams, goals and intentions. ... Basically, a crystal grid is a special arrangement of crystals and gemstones, used with intention, to manifest a desired result

Crystal grids
can be more powerful than using just one single crystal for an intended goal. Crystal grids are made by the intentional placement of gemstones and crystals in a geometric pattern for the specific purpose of directing your energy towards a specific goal and purpose.

We have all of out Healing Crystals, Gemstones, Gem Trees, Crystal Grids and Carvings on display in-store we are located a 46 Fitzmaurice Street Wagga Wagga