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Naturhelix Ear Candles - Australia

These unique ear candles, manufactured in Hungary since 2003, are now available in Australia through The Holistic Shop in Wagga Wagga.

They are handmade with all natural ingredients:-

  • organic beeswax
  • organic cotton 
  • quality grade essential oils

Naturhelix Ear Candles are hand-made hollow cones made from cotton which is dipped in organic beeswax and their spiral-shape is similar to that of a helix. According to Therapist's the actual handiwork and the helix shape strengthens the Ear Candles beneficial bio-energetic effect

Important features are incorporated to provide quality, effective, comfortable treatments, including a gauze filter (preventing candle residue dropping into the ears), a marker line indicating the safe burning level, a flame-proof protective disc and clear FULL colour user instructions. 

Organic (Bio) Ear Candles

The Naturhelix (Bio) Organic Ear Candles are made from organic beeswax and organic unbleached cotton linen supplied by controlled manufacturers. The natural colour and honey fragrance of the candles are due to the high quality organic ingredients. The organic candles are hand-made without additives or colourants in a special, separated area of their Factory.


  • organic beeswax certified by Biokontroll Hung├íria Kft., Hungary
  • organic cotton linen certified by Control Union Certifications, Netherlands

Essential Oil Ear Candles

With a superb range to choose from with five different aromatic infusions - lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, crystals and geranium - essential oils. The candles are beautifully coloured to reflect their natural sources. Their eye-catching colours and wonderful aromas give instant appeal. 

Other Product Features

  • Handmade with cotton + organic beeswax, infused with essential oils (Essential Oil Ear Candles)
  • ECO Certified Organic Ear Candles available
  • Recommended by authors of the book Ear Candling the Essential Guide (Lesley Hart and Mary Dalgleish)
  • Safety features include a Guaze filter, a marker line + flame proof protective disc
  • Length 23 cm, burning time 10-12 minutes each ear
  • Beautifully coloured to reflect its natural source (Essential Oil Ear Candles)