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A beginners Guide to Chakras

The Eastern concept of chakras comes from Indian culture, specifically from Hindu philosophy. The term Chakra is itself Hindi in origin and means "spinning wheel".
The system of chakras is now used widely in the West alternative healing and spiritual practices and has become popular not least because of its accessibility for both mediation and colour healing applications.

The chakras are also at the root of the human aura, a magnetic field that stands outside the visible body. The aura is visible through specialist (Kirlian) photography apparatus and to individuals who have the gift or ability of being able to observe the aura with the naked eye. Some of the healing colour applications that have emerged from our modern understanding of the aura include aura-soma, where bottles of coloured fluids are used to help diagnose conditions and trigger healing in the patient.

Chakra balancing is in and of itself a whole system of personal healing though and can be performed without the assistance of a therapist. Chakra balancing is viewed as a re-balancing of energies at all levels, including physical, emotional and psychic. The chakras as a whole form an energy system, relating specifically to a number of points or sites in the body. Through these sites colour is able to enter and be reflected and the condition and appearance of such colour eminences may change according to our mental, emotional and physical conditions. 

It helps us to understand how chakras work if we remember that this is a holistic system. In other words if we are looking at healing the heart chakra, we need to be considering healing not only from the point of view of our physical condition but also in relation to our emotional well-being, since both areas relates to functions of the heart.

We can see connections between colour healing and the chakras through various formats, including the use of rock crystals or precious gem stones, which are linked with various emotional and physical conditions and with specific areas of the body. Pink or green stones relate to the heart chakra energy and can therefore be useful for issues to do with love, caring and relationships, as well as towards physical healing of heart conditions.

ow many Chakras are involved and which body areas do they relate to? 

There is some disagreement as to the number of chakras but usually there is seen to be no less than seven and no more than eleven. The conventional wisdom cites seven chakras.

Below is a table showing the various body areas and components that are associated with each of the chakras.